Camtasia Studio 2018.0.7

Screen recording software from TechSmith that produces professional and polished videos on your personal home computer

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    Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Camtasia Studio 2018.0.7
Camtasia Studio 8.4.4

Camtasia Studio delivers powerful video editing and recording features within a user-friendly, powerful and stable program. With advanced functionality, Camtasia makes video editing intuitive and simple.

Have you ever wished there was a free and easy way to edit your videos? Do you want to create compelling and dynamic video content, but can’t afford a professional grade editing software? Whether you’re a novice or an aspiring video editor, Camtasia Studio offers a solution for anyone wishing to enhance their video media.

When compared to professional editing software, Camtasia Studio delivers comparable features within a user-friendly interface. If you’re just starting your editing journey, you’ll appreciate its jargon-free layout. Even if you’ve never edited a video before, its straightforward navigation will have you publishing beautiful videos sooner than you imagine.

From Basic to Advanced - An Intro To Video Editing

Do you want to add some magic to your personal videos? Are you a digital marketer seeking out a cost-effective solution for sales and training video creation? Camtasia Studio is packed with professional features designed to transform your imagined creativity into a stunning video.

Starting at the base, Camtasia Studio supports a variety of file formats. Unlike similar software, which limits file formats, Camtasia offers a growing library of supported formats. Once imported, the fun begins.

If there’s one thing Camtasia Studio is missing, it’s not features. The professionally designed editing toolkits deliver a range of customization options at your fingertips. Adding special effects is easy with its drag-and-drop editing platform. Adjusting behaviors is simple and the final product is a crisp and smooth video.

Whether you want to add some personality with an animated background or set the mood by using one of the installed, royalty-free music files, Camtasia Studio delivers outstanding performance and functionality. Other visual effects include icons, motion graphics and customizable transitions.

Functionality Without Limits - Personal and Professional Use

Need to create a training video? Camtasia Studio streamlines the process of recording your screen with its built-in recording environment. Simply activate and Camtasia records screen activity, which makes it ideal for both professional and personal use. Unlike other video editing programs, Camtasia Studio isn’t limited to personal use.

Some of the most popular uses of this software ranges from creating promotional to educational videos. As we continue to move into a more digital lifestyle, the role of videos has never been more important. Camtasia Studio keeps you at the forefront of digital content thanks to its robust creation and editing platform.

With such advanced features, like green screen editing and in-video interactivity options, cultivating digital content is as easy as clicking a few buttons. No matter your goals, you’ll be pleased with the functionality, stability and intuitive interface of Camtasia Studio.


  • 64-bit performance for a responsive, lag-free editing environment
  • Easy, intuitive interface ideal for beginners
  • Impressive file format support
  • Visual editing makes learning the software a breeze


  • Free version is limited by number of projects
  • Upgrade is costly
  • Advanced functionality requires a steep learning curve

Camtasia Studio is an easy to use program that lets you record on-screen video. When we say easy, we really mean it. It features an intuitive interface and provides a lot of documentation that explains every step of the process of recording, editing and producing a video.

Camtasia Studio is a tool that offers flexibility. That is, this software has several uses for various contexts, as there are many reasons why you would want to record what is happening on your screen and share it with others. Perhaps you are playing a cool new game and want to show examples of the gameplay to your friends. You might know someone who is having trouble with their computer and want to give them clear instructions on what to do to solve the issue. Or you could be making an online guide that explains how to carry out certain tasks on the Internet--such as building a website or creating an ad campaign--and would like to include videos as part of your product. In fact, if you've ever purchased an information product that shows on-screen video, there is a high chance that its creator used Camtasia Studio to flesh out their product.

Professionals like to use Camtasia Studio because of its high functionality. Thus, Camtasia Studio does a lot more than just grab what is happening on your screen and turn it into a video. You will have access to various recorder settings, allowing you to either record the entire screen, or just an area that you define. In some cases, the cursor would be hard to see, so you can add effects to call attention to it or make it bigger. Finally, you can record audio to do a voice-over which explains what you are doing on your screen, plus grab images from your webcam in addition to your display.

Editing your videos is quite easy with this tool. You can add various elements in post-production, such as animations, text captions and clip art images. There is also an audio editor, which can let you level the volume, get rid of some background noises or optimize the audio so your audience can hear you more clearly. Finally, when you finish editing your video, you can save it with various settings for resolution, size, codec, etc.


* Very easy to use, even for novices.

* Powerful editing tools to add more content to your videos.

* Ability to choose an output format that is best suitable for your distribution channel (including HD).

* Useful documentation and help system included.


* Slower systems may have difficulty rendering videos.

* Audio editor is a bit too simple, may not always get rid of all background noise.

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